El Estoque

A look into why MVHS students ask each other to dances publicly

Anjana Melvin

October 16, 2014

2014 inspired the most showy homecoming askings that Monta Vista has seen in years. Forget the mundane poster in the private setting— not only did students provide posters and flowers, but many sang and danced in front of the student body. Yet what was the appeal in asking someone so publicly? Amid...

Laser tag is the newest addition to Homecoming Week

The sophomores gather to listen to the laser tag proctor’s instructions about the game rules and area boundaries. Photo by Manasa Sanka.

Manasa Sanka

September 25, 2013

MVHS rallies Homecoming spirit with the addition of a laser tag game on Sept. 19. Read More »...

Students win at 53rd annual Synopsys Championship

Students win at 53rd annual Synopsys Championship

Varsha Venkat

April 15, 2013

Eight students proceed to California State Fair after winning at regional science competition. Read More »...

Enter the wild side

Varsha Venkat

December 17, 2012

Students share stories of their unconventional pets. Read More »