El Estoque

The Sat. after

Laura Yang

October 6, 2009

Students forced to decide between studying for the SAT and going to the Homecoming game Read More »...

Freak-out at Welcome Back Dance

Freak-out at Welcome Back Dance

Deepa Kollipara

September 14, 2009

Administration enforces controversial 'face-to-face with a little bit of space' policy at the first dance. Read More »...

Will spirit week go unnoticed?

Will spirit week go unnoticed?

Varada Gavaskar

January 22, 2009

MVHS had its first spirit week outside of Homecoming the week of Jan. 20. Read More »...

MULTIMEDIA: Seniors’ Slim Victory

Michelle Balmeo

November 26, 2008

After near loss, seniors take Powderpuff championship Read More »

IDC exchange brings a different crowd to MVHS

Jacqueline Barr

November 3, 2008

Students from all schools in the district visit MVHS for the Homecoming rally. Read More »...

Dream floats

Dream floats

Jaime Chu

October 29, 2008

Behind the scene at MVHS's own Pixar studio Read More »

SLIDESHOW: Powder Puff Games Week 1

Michelle Balmeo

October 21, 2008

Visual highlights of the first two Powder Puff games, Oct. 16 and Oct. 17 Read More »...

Do YOU know them?

Do YOU know them?

Alice Lee

October 19, 2008

Learn some things you may not have known about this year's Homecoming Court. Read More »...

Diving into Histech

Akshay Agrawal

October 1, 2008

Scope of Histech reaches beyond the lenses, switches, and buttons Read More »