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Library policies needlessly complicate students’ study time

Library policies needlessly complicate students’ study time

Eva Spitzen

September 25, 2012

The free period is the saving grace of a MVHS student’s daily schedule. It’s a free hour to get homework done, to study and to take a break from the unending sequence of impossible tests and tedious lectures. An ideal location for this respite is the library, with its study tools and comfortabl...

Students adjust to open period card requirement

Sophomores Sneha Bolineni and Sai Morramreddi watch as a class enters the library during fourth period. Although they have yellow cards, they are unable to enter as the library is only open to classes this week. Photo by Angela Liu.

Angela Liu

September 11, 2011

Whether it is for doing homework or hanging out, the library is a popular spot for students during free periods. But since Sept. 4, yellow open period cards have become necessary in order to enter the library and the career center as well. This same card allows students to go off-campus during fr...