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My Voice

My Voice

Aditi Dixit

March 4, 2020

Three. Squirrel. Mirror. Stretch. Wrench. Cathedral. What do these words have in common? When I was in elementary school, all of these words were difficult for me to pronounce. Even the word pronounce was hard for me to say... To hear more of the story, click on the embedded video.  ...

How adults cope with student stress

Mr. Prinz sits on the couch in his room. Photo by Om Khandekar

Priya Reddy

September 13, 2017

is first few years at MVHS were stressful. The toll of working with students who shared their fears and stresses with him resulted in a trip to the emergency room with heart pains and a realization regarding his mental health.   “I think what it was telling me was that I needed to be,” MVHS student advocate ...