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Classes kick off year with school supplies drive

Classes kick off year with school supplies drive

Dylan Tsai

August 29, 2014

With homecoming not too far away, classes are starting to rack up homecoming point by donating their school supplies to the School Supplies Drive. Officers work with their classes to donate supplies as each class tries to kick off the year with a head start. Photos by Dylan Tsai ...

Pressuring others into class spirit events lessens overall enjoyment of Homecoming

Class spirit enthusiasts should continue to share their excitement with their peers, but they should do so in unimposing ways and accept that not everyone is eager to participate in spirit events. Photo by Catherine Lockwood

Eva Spitzen

October 4, 2013

Multicolored handprints etched on students’ faces are the same as war paint applied ceremoniously before battle. The rally is a fight to the death between valiant warriors screeching battle cries. Class points are vital ammunition to be used against daunting opposition. We get it. For a lot of...

Defining spirit: Tall & Short, homecoming 2013

Yuna Lee

September 29, 2013

rom quad decs to dress-up days to the rally, Homecoming gives students plenty of opportunities to display their class spirit. With all students participating in the festivities to varying extents, the experience is unique to each person. Join staffers Nathan Desai and Robert Sulgit as they explore the...