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VIDEO: Salman Khan speaks to students, staff on Jan. 6

Khan Academy founder Salman Khan speaks at a school assembly on Jan. 6 about the process of creating the videos for the website, as well as his struggles and eventual success in doing so. Later that day, Khan spoke with teachers and administration regarding the current education system. Photo by Elvin Wong.

Aafreen Mahmood

January 7, 2012

“Just curious, how many of you have visited the site?” he asked. Over 700 of the people in the gym raised their hands. On Jan. 6, founder of the widely-used online educational organization Khan Academy, Salman, or “Sal,” Khan spoke to a crowd of students, alumni, eight Lynbrook High School ...

Class warfare took Homecoming Food Drive too far

Class warfare took Homecoming Food Drive too far

Daniel Tan

October 16, 2011

By the end of the week, MVHS had gotten it down to a science: Boxes of cereal were worth the most Homecoming points per dollar spent. So were large jars of peanut butter. Needed some more points the night before the final day so your class could win? No problem. PW Market had cereal at four for $...

Hidden art on a longboard

Hidden art on a longboard

Patrick Xie

September 15, 2010

Longboarders make statements through artistic designs Read More »...