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Winter wonderquad

Anjali Bhat

December 18, 2013

The academic quad appeared merry and bright on Friday, Dec. 13 as streamers lined the railings of the A, B and C buildings and a holiday tree with colorful ornaments stood in the center. To join in on the festivities, students were encouraged to wear “ugly Christmas sweaters,” eat candy canes,...

2017 class officers chosen in early elections

The 2017 class officers stand in front their class’s rally poster at the Welcome Back rally. The officers were elected by students from their respective middle schools in May 2013. Used with permission of Lian Song.

Colin Ni

August 26, 2013

Typically held in September, the freshman class officer elections were instead held in May due to earlier Homecoming schedule. Read More »...

Class of 2016 officers announced

Class of 2016 officers announced

Amrutha Dorai

August 29, 2012

President: Bar Yosef Vice President: Tal Marom Secretary: Natalie The Treasurer: Jessica Li Social Manager: Nina Rice...