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Live coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at MVHS

Live coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at MVHS

Hannah Lee

March 12, 2020

Updates on the impacts of COVID-19, more commonly referred to as coronavirus

AVID Deconstructed

AVID Deconstructed

Laasya Koduru

October 20, 2018

When the bell rings, students settle in their seats as the sound of papers flipping and small whispers permeate the room. The binders click open as the teacher circulates around the room, asking students to explain their organizational methods. Organization checks are a typical task once a month in ...

A close community: AVID throughout high school

A close community: AVID throughout high school

Charlotte Chui

October 20, 2017

rreplaceable. That’s the word senior Noah Soo-Hoo would choose to sum up his four years in AVID. The start of this experience traces back to when Soo-Hoo’s eighth grade teacher recommended him as a candidate for AVID, short for Advancement Via Individual Determination and a class that supports and...

A closer look at the real problem when it comes to dirty dancing

Ankita Tejwani

September 26, 2012

Freaking is acceptable ― but only if you do it the right way. Freaking has always been controversial at MVHS, but in the battle between students and administration, a major group is discountedó the teachers. Let's be honest: students aren't going to stop freaking any time soon. But that is...

Opening doors, bridging gaps

Laura Yang

March 11, 2010

 Alumnus parent addresses issues of trust with help from students   Read More »...