El Estoque

A look into why MVHS students ask each other to dances publicly

Anjana Melvin

October 16, 2014

2014 inspired the most showy homecoming askings that Monta Vista has seen in years. Forget the mundane poster in the private setting— not only did students provide posters and flowers, but many sang and danced in front of the student body. Yet what was the appeal in asking someone so publicly? Amid...

Defining spirit: Tall & Short, homecoming 2013

Yuna Lee

September 29, 2013

rom quad decs to dress-up days to the rally, Homecoming gives students plenty of opportunities to display their class spirit. With all students participating in the festivities to varying extents, the experience is unique to each person. Join staffers Nathan Desai and Robert Sulgit as they explore the...

Defining spirit: Floundering about at quad decs

Sophomore Felicia Hou takes a break from the hand-painting the ocean.

Kristin Chang

September 25, 2013

uad Decs affect Homecoming results more than any other category, even surpassing rally results. Still, according to a recent El Estoque survey of 101 respondents, approximately 63 percent of students have never attended. Quad Decs, like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or New York’s annual ball drop, a...

From coding to gaming

From coding to gaming

Varsha Venkat

May 31, 2013

Java students apply programming knowledge to make video games.   Read More »