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Humanities Central: Where activism starts

Humanities Central: Where activism starts

Rachel Jiang

September 26, 2019

Humanities Central, a newly introduced club, comes to MVHS with only one thing in mind: standing up for what each individual believes in.  As soon as senior and president Jiani Tian found out that New York passed a ban on cat declawing, Tian wanted to do more to raise awareness about the controversy over animal rights. Inspired by the ban, Tian and her friends sought t...

The Chinese zodiac

Jahan Razavi

January 27, 2019

With Chinese New Year arriving on Feb. 5, the zodiac animal will transition from a dog to a pig. To the Chinese culture, these animals forecast a compatibility between people for relationships, as well as what the next year will bring for them. Each has its lucky numbers that, when found in life, are t...

Beauty and the Blood

Beauty and the Blood

Dhruvika Randad and Justine Ha

September 28, 2018

Cosmetic testing is the process of testing makeup products and their ingredients on animals through brutal and violent manners when checking for severe reactions on their skin. When this process is complete, blood is shed and lives are lost, but beauty is found — both inside and out. Sophomore Elene...

Perky pets

Perky pets

Varsha Venkat

December 17, 2012

Seniors Pradyumna Sathishkumaar and Kalie Haynes introduce their unusual pets. Read More »...