El Estoque

Crafting origami creations

Senior Patricia Saito folded an origami phoenix model, created by Hongyi Wan.

Charlotte Chui

April 9, 2020

Three MVHS students share the process behind the art of paper folding

Musical mood: What are MVHS students listening to?

Musical mood: What are MVHS students listening to?

Charlotte Chui

March 11, 2020

Asking people who are wearing headphones what they're listening to at that moment

French Honors Society enjoys a day out playing Pétanque

Most Petanque boules are made of metal and the objective is to roll them as close as possible to the jack or cochonnet a smaller white ball often made of wood. Photo by Sarah Young

Sarah Young, Graphics Editor

October 19, 2019

Club members play Pétanque, a French game where teams compete to roll plastic balls closest to a smaller white ball

Work and Play

Work and Play

Laasya Koduru

November 14, 2018

As students walk into Scott Perry’s American Literature class, they immediately lay their sights on the sentences glowing on the walls. Each statement presents an ethical question from the novel “The Great Gatsby.” Students then decide whether they agree or disagree with the statements and congreg...