El Estoque

An evening of entertainment

The lights shine brightly from behind the shimmery blue stage curtain as the show ends. This year, the fourth annual Drama Showcase granted the Andrew Segal memorial scholarship to senior Sean Okuniewicz from Cupertino High School. Photo by Shuyi Qi.

Shuyi Qi

February 6, 2014

  Annual Drama Showcase provided night of hilarious improvisation, poignant monologues. Read More »...

Gay-Straight Alliance schedules meeting for National GSA Day

The GSA put up posters like this one around the school during the week of Feb. 3. The club hopes to learn ways to improve the club by planning more activities and gain more members after National GSA Day. Photo by Joyce Varma.

Joyce Varma

February 6, 2014

Members discuss ways to get more involved in GSA community. Read More »...

Q&A: Senior bridges gap between history and computer science

Q&A: Senior bridges gap between history and computer science

Namrata Ramani

December 7, 2013

Senior Aditi Ramaswamy documents her passion for American history through her blog, The History Hacker. Read More »...

Administration reinforces ‘no grading by teacher assistants’ policy

Most of the TA duties listed in the FUHSD student assistance policy sheet are clerical tasks like answering the telephone and delivering messages; anything that involves viewing another student’s record is forbidden. However, despite the rules, most teachers allow their TAs to grade papers. Photo by Shuyi Qi.

Shuyi Qi

December 4, 2013

  After TA discusses student’s grade, administration addresses the controversy regarding TA’s duties. Read More »...