El Estoque

Staff Wellness Day: A relaxing collaboration period

Industrial technology teacher Ted Shinta opened the woodshop for staff members to make pens.

Michelle Chen and Ishaani Dayal

November 9, 2019

MVHS staff participate in various activities to destress and bond during free time

It’s a date: October and November

It's a date: October and November

Devika Watave

October 19, 2016

"Sure, I’m free that day … What do you want to do?” Whether it’s a regular hangout, a first date or something you wish was considered a date, you need something to do or somewhere to go. Maybe have fun studying? Grab a quick meal at McDonald’s? Go on a shopping spree at Vallco? Cupertino...

Challenge Day aims to teach students how to deal with their emotions

Gabriella Monico

November 24, 2013

On Nov. 21, MVHS was quieter than usual. The bells that signify the beginning and end of each class period were conspicuously absent, forcing many students to stare at the clock and some classes to run overtime. Students often ran into class late, and some wandered the empty halls when teachers let them...

Cupertino: The unexpected happens here

Namrata Ramani

November 24, 2013

[dropcap1]R[/dropcap1]eporters Seniors Steven Lim, Namrata Ramani and junior Yifei Wu scoured the 11.3 square miles of Cupertino in search of its “hidden jewels”: hole-in-the-wall restaurants, low (or no) cost activities and specialty goods stores. Click on the markers on the map to learn more ab...

SLIDESHOW: Powder Puff Games Week 1

Michelle Balmeo

October 21, 2008

Visual highlights of the first two Powder Puff games, Oct. 16 and Oct. 17 Read More »...