El Estoque

Biden speaks with attendees at an event in Iowa in 2020, || Licensed under CC

America’s future with Joe Biden

Abdullah Memon and Justin E Kim January 20, 2021
What to expect from Biden's first hundred days as President
The Class of 2020 performs one of their dances for their skit.

Homecoming 2019: Behind the scenes

A backstage exploration into the preparations of each class
The senior class screams the response to the

Welcome Back Rally 2019

Justine Ha and Shreshta Ranganathan September 2, 2019
A photo compilation of the rally featuring class spirit, performances and games
On the Road

On the Road

Elena Khan January 12, 2019

Class of 2021 reflects on their first year at MVHS

Sara Entezar and Ishani Singh May 25, 2018
How expectations vs. reality differ when it comes to entering MVHS
Things I wish I knew about MVHS in middle school

Things I wish I knew about MVHS in middle school

Ishani Singh September 15, 2017

VHS class of 2021 has recently entered high school, a period which is commonly thought of as the transition period between childhood and adulthood. Though many may have prepared for the upcoming four...

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