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Student Life hosts Club Info Days

Looking into how dual Club Info Days affect club promotion
Megha Mummaneni
Members of the Future Practicing Physicians Network club show off their info board.

MVHS Student Life Commission hosted Club Info Day on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and Thursday, Sept. 21, in the Rally Court. Unlike previous years, Club Info Day was held across two days.

Student Life Commission member senior Aya Abdelrahman says this change is so all clubs could have the chance to advertise during the first semester. She believes it benefits competition-based clubs that only run for a limited time but won’t have a large impact outside of that. 

“I don’t think [the change will] affect how [clubs work],” Abdelrahman said. “I [just] hope that clubs will be able to get more members quicker [at] the beginning of the year.”

As a result of the change, there were fewer club booths set up, resulting in smaller crowds. Astronomy Club President junior Riddhi Shedge says this was a positive change as it gave clubs more space and time to recruit members. Shedge hopes this change will benefit her Astronomy club, as it is only its second year of being an official club. 

“We really hope [to] get more people this year,” Shedge said. “We [want to] start on some of the events that we have planned, like stargazing.”

Senior Elise Chiu is the president of four clubs and with club attendance on the decline, she believes it’s very important to attract a strong membership during Club Info Day. She says dual days allow for more club participation and help with club member availability. The change especially helped her smaller club, Bring Change to Mind.

“People [were able to] find our club a lot more easily than before,” Chiu said. “We had a lot more energy and genuine interest in the club, we also had more officer enthusiasm.”

Despite the positives of dual Club Info Days, Chiu thinks the Student Life Commission still has areas to improve on for next year. 

“There shouldn’t be as many clubs condensed [in one place] because that can take away from other clubs,” Chiu said. “They should put more effort into strategizing location.”

Student Life Commission is analyzing the effects of the dual Club Info Days.

“We’re [going to] see how it goes this year,” Abdelrahman said. “But ultimately, it’s up to next year’s StudLife crew if it’s gonna be permanent or not.”

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