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Yuko Shima has been a Cupertino resident for 15 years.

Yuko Shima

Yuko Shima has been a Cupertino resident for about 14 years and decided to run for City Council after the Santa Clara County Democratic Party asked if she was interested in running for local office. 

Shima believes in the importance of increasing housing in Cupertino, noting that although she’s unfamiliar with many regulations, Cupertino is currently facing a housing shortage,  so it will “inevitably become a priority.” 

“Students are sharing rooms to [attend] college and even Apple employees are sharing rooms because they cannot afford one single apartment,” Shima said. “So the rent regulation system is really important for me.” 

Shima adds that one of her personal goals is to make recycling more accessible to Cupertino residents. Twelve years ago, she founded a nonprofit environmental organization called World Support to promote clean energy and replace environmental hazards. Shima believes the knowledge she gained from her organization will help the city create environmental policies. 

“I have [an] understanding about environmental science,” Shima said. “I can help in this area [with] recycling [and] policy establishing, and that will not just help Cupertino but the world [and] our planet.”

Shima would like to implement various ideas in Cupertino if elected, such as a “bike parking lot with solar panels [as] it will be convenient [and] help the bikes stay cool during the time the bikes are parked there.” Shima believes her unique ideas and her ability to support others make her a qualified candidate.

“I’m a leader but I’m [also] a supporter, so I support people who are deciding to do this thing or that thing and I can work for them and gather information and get context,” Shima said. “I can get in touch with both parties so [projects] will continue… people should vote for me because I’m a goal-oriented person that can help leaders achieve their goals.”

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