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Sheila Mohan has worked for Santa Clara County for over 20 years.

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Sheila Mohan has worked for Santa Clara County for over 20 years.

Sheila Mohan

Sheila Mohan is a longtime Cupertino resident, having lived in the city for more than 30 years. During her time here, she has volunteered in various community activities and worked as a Cupertino Fine Arts Commissioner, a Cupertino Library Commissioner and the treasurer for the Santa Clara County Library District ballot measure. Mohan believes her experiences provide her with an in-depth knowledge of “how a city works and how a city does not work.”

In her professional career, Moha has also been involved in local government, having worked for the county of Santa Clara as the Senior Finance Manager as well as the Director of Administrative Services for Union City. She feels that her service to Cupertino demonstrates her commitment to the city and makes her the most qualified City Council candidate. 

“I feel I’m uniquely qualified to address [our] challenges,” Mohan said. “When you grow up and you either go to De Anza College or you want to work in Cupertino, there’s very few opportunities for you to come and buy [or even rent] a house here. So one of my priorities is to make sure housing is available for anyone at all levels.” 

Besides housing, Mohan’s priorities also include building regional partnerships between Cupertino and neighboring cities. However, her top priority is to fulfill what she believes is the responsibility of every City Council member, by placing “the interests of the city at the forefront of every action.”

“I believe in governance, fiscal accountability, fiscal transparency and respect for the residents who come up and speak before the city council on certain issues,” Mohan said. “[I will] treat them with respect, treat them with understanding and mainly listen to peoples’ concerns.”

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