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Govind Tatachari is the Vice Mayor of the Cupertino Housing Commission.

Govind Tatachari

Govind Tatachari, a Cupertino resident for 29 years, first started participating in city activities in 2012. Now, he currently serves as the Vice Chair for Cupertino’s Housing Commission. Tatachari is running for City Council to steer its goals towards “good government,” which he feels should be its primary responsibility.

Tatachari outlines three main goals that he would work on if elected to City Council: sustainable and balanced development across the city, transparency and accountability as well as focusing on residents. He adds that he would like to be “the voice of the community.”

Tatachari believes that focusing on balanced development is important, as many real estate companies are interested in building on Cupertino land. Tatachari also wants to address the state housing requirements in a sustainable way and focus on developing affordable housing. 

“Affordable housing is important because we have people who cannot afford to live in Cupertino,” Tatachari said. “We need to find a method to solve that particular problem [for] people who essentially are providing [services] to us, whether they are school teachers [or] firefighters.”

He also believes that the City Council should be transparent about its processes to eliminate the risk of vested interests. Tatachari emphasizes his position as a “resident-focused” candidate in his campaign as well, expressing a desire to promote and stand up for community interest. 

“I’d advocate for what Cupertino residents value, including a diverse and vibrant community,” Tatachari said. “We want that suburban character, top quality schools, nice parks [and] successful businesses.”

Although Tatachari is an engineer by training, he has an understanding of municipal and state laws and has organized a forum on housing in Silicon Valley that he invited representatives from multiple cities to participate in. 

“I will continue to act responsibly because I believe we owe it to the public,” Tatachari said. “We owe it to the past [and] to the next generation.”

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