Josh Maisel named Director of Leadership Development

Current FUHSD Coordinator of Academic Interventions plans to promote district cohesion in his new role


Photo courtesy of FUHSD

Josh Maisel poses in the center of the new teacher induction team for a photograph.

Sonia Verma, Graphics Editor

Josh Maisel, the current Coordinator of Academic Interventions of FUHSD, has been appointed as the Director of Leadership Development and will start in his position on July 1, 2022, according to superintendent Polly Bove. Bove believes Maisel’s experience in his current role qualifies him for his new position, as he has led FUHSD’s New Teacher Induction Program, committed 21 years of work to the district and has shown dedication towards the district’s beliefs on equity and academic excellence through his contributions to the district.

Maisel is to be the first Director of Leadership Development in FUHSD administration history. He states that it comprises two overarching roles: guiding teachers and administrators in leadership as well as promoting cohesion among equity task forces within the district. 

“There’s a lot of really passionate people doing really good work in different pockets around the district, [but] they’re not connected to each other,” Maisel says. “They are learning as they go and not necessarily benefiting from lessons that other people have already learned or from collaborating with each other.”

Maisel explains that it is extremely difficult for teachers and administrators at individual schools to improve equity without collaboration from other schools. He  believes that his new position would be beneficial as he would be able to “[see] the big picture and [help] put the pieces together into something that is more comprehensive.”

“Just [having] advisories will not come close to bringing us to a more equitable system and to more equitable schools,” Maisel says. “I don’t have the solutions — my role is to listen to students, student leaders, teachers, teacher leaders, and to help organize and to amplify their voices.”