The annual Holi celebration is hosted in Memorial Park

People gather to celebrate the beginning of spring with color



Attendees of the Memorial Park Holi celebration throw color in the air. Colored powder is a key tradition that is followed during the celebration of Holi.

Sonia Verma, Staff Writer

The City of Cupertino sponsored the 2022 Holi Celebration held in Memorial Park on Sunday, April 3 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Although the actual holiday was on March 18, the celebration still attracted a diverse crowd. 

Holi is an ancient Hindu holiday that primarily celebrates the beginning of spring. Festivities often include getting together with community members and throwing colored powder at each other. At the Memorial Park Holi celebration, people gathered in the field behind the Quinlan Center to dance to Bollywood music and partake in traditional celebrations. During the festival, dancers from the Bollywood Dance Connection performed with the crowd joining in as well. 

A large portion of the field was sectioned off as the “color zone,” where people would participate in the festivities. Surrounding the perimeter of the festival grounds, stalls from different businesses were set up, including one where attendees could buy packets of colored powder for $5 each. During the celebration, people flocked to food trucks lining the parking lot beside the field, buying authentic Indian snacks and desserts. 

Organized by the Bay Area Diwali Festival and the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, the event is described on its Facebook page as a festival for the arrival of spring and “a festive day to meet others, enjoy delicacies, play and laugh!”