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Filoli Historic House & Garden: Historic Estate and Orchard

October 23, 2021

Overall: This estate is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a peaceful peek into fall. Beautiful orchards and gardens were also a mesmerizing aspect of the experience. The greenery and flowers blooming throughout the estate painted the landscape with vibrant colors and brought a sense of tranquility to visitors. Walking through the historical, colossal estate was fascinating. The informational posters spread throughout the house provided for an informative as well as unique experience.


Spook/Fun: While the estate did not provide the same thrill that amusement parks or haunted houses do, visitors could enjoy the pleasantries of fall in alternate ways. The house managers had set up a path that people could follow to experience all aspects of the estate, starting with the house. Although the path was a little confusing at times, visitors could take a picture of the large map at the front to help guide them. The interior of the house was beautifully decorated where visitors could learn all about the wealthy families that had lived there in the past. After exiting the house, visitors followed the path to the back of the house, where they saw the first of the extensive gardens. A large stretch of grass provides shade to those who would like a bit of rest while still giving them a view of the lawn and flowers. After completing the path, visitors can visit the garden shop or the cafeteria to relax. The garden shop sold a variety of garden tools and seeds, as well as Halloween garden decor. The cafeteria also offered food and drinks, all of which were tasty and filling.


COVID-19 Precautions: The estate enforced a variety of COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing rules and enforcement of mask wearing. Additionally, the management had created a one-way path to manage COVID-19 safety as well. However, quite a few visitors had their masks off when they were outside.


Price: The tickets to this place are moderately priced at $15 for children between five and 17 and $25 for adults. However, children under the age of five are admitted without any cost. For students, teachers and military members, tickets are priced at $20, while visitors aged 65 and up pay $22. The cafeteria food was moderately priced as well, and visitors could buy large meals without it being too expensive.

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