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ABC Tree Farms and Pick of the Patch Pumpkins: Pumpkin Patch

October 23, 2021

Overall: ABC Tree Farms provides a welcoming and comfortable environment for visitors. The pumpkin patch provides a variety of unique opportunities, including a designated spot for birthday parties, something that isn’t typically offered at other spots. Additionally, a large park of inflatable jump houses offers yet another exciting and rare entertainment option for visitors. However, the fun experiences are only for children under 12. The pumpkin patch itself was scarcely populated with pumpkins, and the pumpkins were misshapen and poor quality. The picture backdrops were old and chipped and set up in poorly-lit spots. Additionally, the food choices were limited to packaged cookies and chips, resulting in an unsatisfactory meal. Older visitors may find themselves unable to truly enjoy themselves at the patch.


Spook/Fun: For children below the age of 12, this pumpkin patch is one of our top recommendations. The various inflatable jump houses induced shouts of excited children which echoed from every part of the pumpkin patch. However, for teenagers and adults, there isn’t much to do. There aren’t any pumpkin carving tables, which eliminates one of the typical activities for older visitors. The pumpkin patch itself prioritized aesthetics rather than pumpkins, as there were few pumpkins to choose from and most were grouped around large hay structures, giving the patch a monotonous look.


COVID-19 Precautions: The patch did a poor job with enforcing COVID-19 guidelines, as they did not enforce masks nor were the workers wearing any themselves. Under the large shaded structure in the inflatable area, the gathered families did not follow social distancing rules, as many were seated close together. Inside the inflatables, most children had removed their masks as they jumped.


Price: Entrance to the pumpkin patch was free, however, families were required to pay to enter the jump houses. The prices were rather unreasonable, at $15 for 30 minutes and $19 for 60 minutes. However, the pumpkins and food were priced well, with the largest pumpkins only costing $25 and food costing $2 per item. 

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