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Oishee Misra

Zoom School: MVHS Edition

MVHS community devises ways around the challenges of distance learning

Zoom school — the apt nickname of the newly introduced online distance learning model — has kicked off the school year with a myriad of challenges. Teachers are trying to strike a balance between maintaining course rigor and modifying curriculum to avoid overwhelming students while also gauging what teaching styles work best. Students and teachers are collectively trying to enhance connectivity and maximize productivity, both of which are exponentially harder online. So far, Zoom school has been and will inevitably continue to be challenging. Read the stories below to explore how the MVHS community is navigating this unprecedented learning model while uncovering silver linings along the way.

Examining the impact of distance learning on course rigor
Remote learning doesn’t have to hinder connectivity during classes
Teaching styles evolve during remote learning
Productivity during online distance learning

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