Crafting cards: Key Club celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Club officers and members hand-make cards for every teacher on staff


Shivani Gupta and Tina Low

As a service organization, Key Club has hosted a number of activities — baby blanket-making events, charity dinners and school volunteer events. On Tues., May 7, Key Club members gathered in room C107 to craft cards in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, which began on May 5 and ended on May 11. To convey the student body’s gratitude for teachers, the club worked on drafting, writing and gifting cards to every teacher on the MVHS staff.

In order to finish the card crafting process in a day, officers met during tutorial of that Tuesday to prepare materials that would be distributed at lunch. This included cutting up paper and gathering markers. At lunch, club members joined the officers to embellish personalized cards that would later be gifted to a teacher they have or once had.

After all the cards were completed and perfected for each teacher, students were provided the choice to either deliver them to teachers in person or drop off the cards at their mailbox in the office. For sophomore and co-vice president Cheryl Bai, handing out these cards to the school’s staff is a simple act of kindness that could brighten their day.

“I feel like I’m doing a good deed because I know [that] all teachers have [a really hard job] and even the smallest gestures make them feel really happy,” Bai said.

This student-organized card giving event has been dubbed as a warm gesture throughout the student body — a way of giving back to the staff. Though Key Club advisor and economics teacher Pete Pelkey agrees with this notion, he thinks that he and other teachers are over-appreciated with events like these.

“We get paid — we’re an paid employee, that should be [enough appreciation], right?” Pelkey said. “But it’s nice that they do these things — it’s a nice gesture. But if they skip me I won’t be offended.”

However, students like Kolesov disagree, and believe that high school teachers undervalue themselves. For the future, she hopes that high school teachers will soon be appreciated as much as those in elementary school she encountered when she was younger.

“I remember teachers getting flowers and chocolates [in elementary school], but in high school, it’s not as recognized, so I feel like this will make their day,” Kolesov said. “It’s fun making it with your friends and with your club.”

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