Softball: MVHS falls to Westmont high school with a 7-17 defeat

The Matadors fail to catch up with strong offensive plays from WHS


Senior Irene McNelis awaits an opportunity to run to second base after a successful base hit in the sixth inning. Photo by Justine Ha.

Justine Ha

On April 25, the MVHS girls softball team faced Westmont HS – hoping to gain a win after continuous losses. With both teams in similar positions in the central coast section rankings, the outcome of this game could have been in favor for either team.

Despite the harsh weather conditions of the humid air and sun shining right down on the players, the game quickly started as WHS was able to hit multiple pitches from the Matadors, scoring 6 runs in the second inning. Shortly afterwards, WHS continued to hit pitches deep into center field, resulting in a score of 0-14 by the end of the third inning for WHS.

With this blowout from WHS from the start, the Matadors retaliated by hitting a couple pitches deep down in right field. Along with with a missed catch from WHS in center field, senior Stephanie Yoshimoto and sophomore Emma Schuyler both made hits deep down the center field, prompting the Matadors to score 4 runs. The score was 4-14 by the end of the third inning.

While WHS still maintained their power from the beginning of the game, this strong offense continued to outshine the Matadors’ defense as WHS scored 3 more runs by the end of the sixth inning. With the Matadors having little time to make up for the large lead, they failed to catch up to WHS despite the additional 3 runs they had made. The final score of the game was 7-17.

View below to see a timeline of the summary/highlights of the softball game.