Girls Basketball: Matadors emerge victorious with a 45-33 win against Fremont HS

With some hiccups in the game MVHS rebounds after narrow game against Gunn HS


Sreya Kumar and Tyler Cho

Additional reporting by Rajas Habbu.

The athletes on the MVHS bench sat at the edge of their seats, eyes alert as they watched the fast-paced play in front of them. Coach Sara Borelli paced along the sidelines, shouting words of urgency and encouragement, demanding her players be more focused in the game.

MVHS started the game off strong, taking a 6-2 lead in the first three minutes of the first quarter. However, the Matadors’ lack of focus and energy, combined with several fouls and an inability to convert, allowed Fremont HS to make a comeback and finish the quarter with a 12-8 lead.

The Matadors quickly increased their concentration in the second quarter and scored 14 points to regain a 22-19 lead, which freshman Siri Adusumilli credited to an increase in energy and “hype.”

“During the beginning [of the game] we were picking up the intensity,” Adusumilli said. “We were all very hyped and everyone was supporting each other; it was a good environment. It felt good [to score baskets] especially when your teammates are cheering you up.”

Entering the third quarter, the team felt an unusual change in pace as the Matadors began to score more and succeed defensively, getting three blocks in the quarter. With 10 seconds left in the quarter, sophomore and guard Kelli Kosakura scored, ending the third with the Matadors leading 37-21.

Adusumilli explains that the main factor for their sudden improvement in the third quarter was largely due to an increase in motivation, and compared their play in the first quarter to sleepwalking and lethargy. The fourth quarter ended on a strong note, despite frequent fouls committed by the Matadors, and MVHS eventually won 45-33.

“I feel like we could have beaten [FHS] by more — we have in the past,” Kosakura said. “We just need to work on our intensity more, because it definitely shouldn’t have been as close as it was.”

When it comes to future goals, the team hopes to maintain their intensity and energy throughout the game. With daily practices and team bonding, Adusumilli says the team is constantly working to fix their mistakes and improve their techniques. Similarly, Kosakura believes that communication between members is an attribute that the team hasn’t necessarily achieved.

“Communication is a big [thing to work on],” Kosakura said. “It’s been a goal of ours for five games in a row, but we never seem to fully reach it. I think it’s just having one goal in mind the entire game to focus on.”


Girls Basketball vs Fremont HS 1/9