Dodgeball: Link leaders vs. Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 bonds with their Link Leaders in a friendly match.

Sreya Kumar and Brandon Ng

“No hitting from waist up, only the legs,” Link leaders frequently reminded the freshmen before the dodgeball game commenced.

Thuds and laughter could be heard from the Field House, as Link leaders and freshmen alike threw colorful dodgeballs back and forth. Five weeks into the school year, the Link Leaders held their annual dodgeball game with the new class of 2022, in hopes to alleviate their stress and lift the mood.

Huddling in the middle of the courts for a quick cheer, the game was off to a quick and intense start, with students fumbling for the spongy, colorful balls and hurrying to eliminate members from the other group.

As balls flew by him, freshman Keenan Peris took the opportunity to profess his belief.

“I started going up and telling people psalms from the Bible,” Peris said. “While I was on my holy crusade, one terrible person decided to hit me in the face with a dodgeball.”