Highlights of the 2018 Welcome Back Rally

Relive the first rally of the year

Hannah Lee

Welcome Back Rally 2018-19

The confused freshman class stood on the bleachers for their first ever MVHS rally alongside the sophomores and juniors who were already accustomed to the anticipation and adrenaline of the Welcome Back Rally. Each class eagerly shook their purple pom poms in the air, hoping to steal the conquer that first-place spot. The seniors, in particular, displayed high energy and school spirit, eager to participate in their last ever Welcome Back Rally.

The atmosphere was slightly different, however. Due to the continued construction of the gym until October, the Welcome Back Rally was held outdoors. Despite this, cheers could be heard all around the field, each class – whether it be the class of 2022 or the class of 2019 – ready to display their school spirit.

Students clad in purple attire waited with anticipation on the bleachers. Continuing the tradition, the senior class of 2019 emerged from behind the poster for their first time.

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Class Cheer:


This year, the rally kicked off with the classic “How do you feel” chant and 15 second class cheers.

MVHS Marching Band and MVHS Color Guard:


Following the class cheers, the marching band put on a great performance. Along with the marching band, members of the MVHS Color Guard performed a routine complete with dancing and tricks.

Rally Games:


For this year’s rally games, the freshmen went against the seniors while the sophomores competed with the juniors. In the first game, four people worked together in pairs, using a blanket to toss the ball to the other team and make it to the designated location.


The next game was a repeat from last year’s Farewell Rally. Students from each class lined up and took turns tossing a hula hoop to the student standing in the circle. In order for the students to pass and be able to participate in the tug-of-war, they had to successfully throw the hula hoop around the student in the circle. To end the rally games, the new teachers competed against the seniors in the hula hoop and tug-of-war game.

MVHS Marquesas:


Following this traditional class competition, the MVHS Marquesas took their places on the field to perform an energetic routine to Steve Aoki’s remix of “Mi Gente” and Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

MVHS Song and Cheer team and Alma Mater:


As always, the MVHS Song and Cheer team performed alongside Variations, who sang the MVHS Alma Mater with junior Nick Jiang conducting the choir.


The freshmen came in last place, followed by the sophomores in third and the juniors in second place. The senior class took first place.

GIFs by Ruth Feng