Matadors stun Westmont HS beating them 22-12


On Aug. 26, the Matadors kicked off football season with a victory, defeating Westmont HS 22-12. Through the first three quarters, MVHS had complete control of the game, scoring 22 unanswered points and not allowing WHS’ offense to get into any kind of rhythm.

The Matadors started the game off strong as senior Jonah Ji scored a touchdown within the first five minutes, and senior Josiah Figueroa furthered their progress as he scored another touchdown for the Matadors shortly after. After a two-point conversion, the score was in mere quarter the Matadors were up 14-0.

The team’s pace slowed down at the start of the second quarter, but despite not scoring any points in this quarter, they still kept a strong defensive front holding WHS scoreless. Senior Derek Zheng saw this slow-down to be the result of something the team needs to work on for this season.

“I think our team as a whole kind of lost focus, so we need to work on being on top and [staying] really focused and very positive,” Zheng said. “But also not goofing off and like taking it easy … like taking plays off because we’re ahead.”

As both teams failed to put up points in the second quarter, the Matadors realized that the game was not over and WHS could easily make a comeback in the second half if they weren’t in the correct mindset, and senior Chris Lee reflected on this.

“I think [our early progress] just started getting into our heads,” Lee said. “But in football, once the halftime starts, it’s just another game. It’s not over.”

During the third quarter, the Matadors picked up the pace and regained their momentum when senior Cheto Vasquez scored the team’s third touchdown three minutes into the second half, raising the score to 22-0 with another two-point conversion. However, in the final quarter, WHS took advantage of the fumbles committed by the Matadors and scored two touchdowns, earning 12 points. Despite WHS’ attempt at a comeback, the Matadors’ defense was stout and managed to end the game with a final score of 22-12.

Though the Matadors believe they still have more to improve on, the first win of the season established a feeling of excitement and confidence for future games.

“I personally think this is the start of something special, like the way we came out there I’ve never seen that with my few years on varsity, … the spirit in everyone, [and] … everyone was invigorated,” Zheng said. “Kudos to Coach Ceaz’ for pumping us up.”

Senior Jonah Ji also attributed the team’s progress and spirit to their new coach’s enthusiasm.

“This year Coach Ceazar came in with so much positivity and intensity,” Ji said. “We used to have a losing mentality at this school, and that flipped head over heels with Coach [Ceazar] right here. In the locker room before our game, he was like, ‘It’s all about effort … if you band together as brothers and you play for each other and you don’t get on each other, there’s no way anyone can beat us.”

Although this is just the Matadors’ first win in a season of many more games to come, they believe they have made their statement with this game.

“Honestly, tonight was just a stamp,” Ji said. “We gon’ run this league. Let it be known. Everybody can get that business.”

Check out photos from the game below.

MVHS Football vs Westmont HS 8/24