Boys Tennis: team earns a clean victory against Los Gatos HS

Boys Tennis team wins against Los Gatos HS with a score of 7-0

Emily Xia

Additional reporting by Roshan Fernandez and Jasmine Lee

The boys varsity tennis team was calm as they prepared for their second home game of the season, drinking sips of water and making small talk before the game began.

The Matadors expected to win as they prepared for their game. After their clean victory against Gunn HS the previous week, they were determined to keep their winning streak going.

However, despite this ambition, for players in the team, winning wasn’t the initial motive; they just wanted to keep the game light-hearted.

As a whole, the team played well throughout their game, earning their third win so far in the season with a score of 7-0. With eight more competitions to go, the team is focused on improving their skills and becoming closer.

Look below for photos showcasing the highlights of the game.
Boys tennis vs Los Gatos HS