The build season comes to a close for the Monta Vista Robotics Team

MVRT nears the end of their robot building process

Emily Xia and Nathan Stevens

Throughout the month of February, the Monta Vista Robotics Team has been hard at work on their robot for the competition season. After placing second at nationals last year, MVRT is determined to have another successful year.

The robot-building process is strenuous, with all 150 members of the team working simultaneously to finish on time. In order to create a fully functioning robot, custom parts designed by members have to pair with the electrical wiring and programming from others, which can take weeks to perfect.

With two competitions — one that took place in Utah and another in Idaho in March, the team is excited to showcase their brand new robot, El Toro XXI. Below is a photo gallery showcasing the work MVRT members put in throughout the difficult build season.


MVRT Build Season 2018


Photos taken by Nate Stevens