Sports Flash


Jasmine Lee

Click the images below for more in depth reporting of each sport featured in the Sports Flash page of the January 2018 El Estoque print magazine.

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Sophomore Noah Rizk dribbles the ball down the field during a game against Wilcox High School. Despite having a lot of talented players this year, the team is struggling to win games, holding a 1-1-5 league record.

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Sophomore Ashley Lui brings the ball down the court in the game against an Australian team from Cary HS with a jump ball. This was the MVHS girls’ first experience playing an international team.

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Junior Josiah Figueroa shoots a free throw during the quad game against Lynbrook HS. The quad game is a tradition that takes place in the MVHS gym every year, though the competitor changes.

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Junior Peter Heydinger takes on his opponent during a match against Homestead HS. After playing on a joint team with HHS last year, the MVHS team was victorious although they were matched up against former teammates.