“Anon(ymous)”: Student opinions

Akshara Majjiga

Anon(ymous),” directed by Roland Emmerich, is a play based on the epic by Homer called The Odyssey. The play is about a young refugee named Anon, who travels through the United States and throughout his journey, meets a variety of people, from a butcher to barflies, some of whom are out to get him and some who try to help him out. The play showcases his journey to get home to his mother, with numerous obstacles along the way.

Advanced Drama Honors picked this play as an ode to social issues of today, as the play touches on numerous tensions relevant in the U.S. such as the recent discussion regarding DACA. “Anon(ymous)” came out on December 1 and was performed to multiple classes around campus.

Look below to see how MVHS students reacted to “(Anon)ymous” and what they found enjoyable about the play.


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