Christmas tree lighting at Santana Row


Katerina Pappas

By 6 in the evening, the sun was no longer in the sky. In its place lay dark clouds accompanied by frosty air which stung the cheeks of those who walked down the sidewalk. Crowds of people could be seen dressed for the increasingly cold weather, sporting scarves tightly wrapped around the neck and coats puffier than the typical jacket. They made their way past trees decorated with small, yellow-tinted lights that gave off a feeling of festive cheer. Everyone was making their way towards one place: Santana Row. Holiday fever lay thick in the air as the fast-approaching warmth of Thanksgiving and the slightly more distant excitement of Christmas spread through the hearts of many. As if out of a movie, the road within the area bore an array of holiday specialties from kettle corn, singing choirs, wreaths, Santa Claus, and at the very center of all excitement, the Christmas tree. Hours of performances lead up the the moment everyone waits for, the star at the top of the tree to light up, sparking festive joy in the hearts of children and adults alike.

Here’s an inside look of the Santana Row Tree Lighting Festival:

Santana Row Tree Lighting Ceremony

Photos by Karen Sanchez, Katerina Pappas and Himani Yalamaddi