Flying Solo: Senior Meg Niu represents MVHS golf at CCS


Aditya Dash

At age seven, Meg Niu could be spotted next to her father on the  golf course holding her very own set of plastic golf clubs and pretending to be a golfer like her dad. She loved to play around with the clubs and swing at the ball, pretending to be a professional. With a passion to get better, Niu committed herself to golf and played for MVHS for four years. Today, the girl who used to follow her dad has led MVHS to multiple CCS appearances.

Niu believes her competitive golfing experience outside high school has let her lead MVHS to CCS. Her scores have been improving since freshman year, and it was no surprise that she made CCS for the fourth time.

Niu practices her swing before a tournament. Niu worked to perfect the fundamentals during her time while representing MVHS.

As a senior, Niu represented MVHS in a golf tournament in Monterey on Oct. 31, and finished 23 out of 90 other golfers. As her final season has finished, Niu will miss representing MVHS after this year.

“It’s been four years so it’s my last time. It is kind of sad I guess,” Niu said. “And it is a really good experience going down to Monterey and missing a day of school.”

Niu is planning on playing golf in the future for a Division III college, one that is more focused on academics than athletics. She believes that she can continue her passion with the sport she loves and play at a high level. Her passion for the sport doesn’t stop at the athletic parts of the sport, Niu takes the mental aspect into account as well.

The biggest thing that Niu learned throughout her days at MVHS was to filter out everything while she played. She played in a competitive mindset and tried her hardest to represent MVHS in the best possible way. For her, golf was a platform in which she has been able to learn to withstand the pressure.

“Playing competitively is a mental game,” Niu sad. “Not focusing on the negative things and playing your best and being positive.”

Niu swings in stride as she tries to put the ball closer to the hole. Niu tries to make it in the hole with the least amount of tries.