El Estoque

Behind the scenes of “Asian Riverdale”

Ananya Bhat

“Who’s hotter — Cole Sprouse or KJ Apa?”

That was the topic of debate amongst seniors Joyce Shiah, Hasini Shyamasundar, Anisha Kollareddy, Fatima Ali, Aastha Chawla and Esther Chang at lunch on October 31. The group of friends, who sit together at lunch almost every day, had argued over the two actors before — specifically, when they decided to dress up as the cast of the stars’ popular CW drama, Riverdale, for Halloween.

Group costumes have been around for years — families or groups of friends can often be seen on Halloween walking around in coordinated outfits portraying well known groups, like the Avengers, or simply dressing up as the same character. But for these girls, who have been friends for four years, this year was their first attempt at a group costume. Click on the buttons in the video to hear more about group’s beginnings as well as the process of their transformation into what they refer to as, “Asian Riverdale.”