Learning Hangul Basics with Korean Club

Korean Club holds meeting to teach members the Korean Alphabet in honor of Hangul Day


Photo used with permission of Korean Club

Claire Yang

Who knows how to write this in Korean?”

Students eagerly wave their hands in the air, waiting to be called on. Senior Ashley Chang, president of Korean Club, scans the group of faces, then points at a girl sitting on the far side of the room. The student strides to the board, and in a few swift strokes, writes the word in perfect Hangul – the alphabet of the Korean language.

On November 2, Korean Club held a meeting to celebrate Korean Alphabet Day, which marks the creation of Hangul. It is celebrated on two different days in South and North Korea. In South Korea, this day is also called Hangul Day, and is celebrated on October 9. In North Korea, Korean Alphabet Day goes by the name Chosŏn’gŭl Day, and is celebrated on January 15. The meeting kicked off with a short presentation on the basic structure of the language before transitioning into a short game where members attempted to spell Korean words using what they learned from the presentation. Check out the infographic below to see a few of the words that were featured in the game and how to say it yourself.

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