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MVFBLA hosts Project Week


A group of girls laugh as they dip their fingers into a pool of red paint. With their colorful fingers, they walk up to a poster with icons of three different social media platforms and place a fingerprint under their icon of choice. This is just one example of the many activities MVFBLA held throughout the week for their annual event, Project Week.

FBLA’s Vice President of Projects senior Emily Su explains that the purpose of Project Week was to promote chapter members and the community service outreach programs MVFBLA partners with.

Personally, Director of Individual Objective Competitions and junior Barry Qi hopes to find a rewarding experience in FBLA’s project week.

“I hope to meet a lot of new people and see how open the students are,” Qi said.

As an officer he hoped to meet new people and see how open the students are. As for sophomore Ethan Lin, he hopes to gain enough financial support to maintain their various projects

“I hope FBLA collects enough money in order to fund various community service projects as well as to improve our relationship Facebook, whom we are partnering with,” Lin said.

Each day at lunch, a different interactive station relating to one of the programs MVFBLA works with was set up near the rally court. Read more to get a day by day breakdown of the activities planned for the week.

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Home is …
Tuesday’s activity was to raise awareness about homelessness and promote the club’s work with a homeless shelter in San Jose. A poster taped to the wall read “Home is” and students could finish the sentence by writing their own definition of home on sticky notes shaped like houses.


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Social Media Survey

On Wednesday, MVFBLA conducted a survey to determine what social media platform students use most. To do so, they set out plates of different colored paint, one for each class so as to differentiate the results, and asked students to place a fingerprint under the icon of the social media they use most. MVFBLA planned to send the results of the survey to Facebook, whom they partner with for many projects.

Photo by Ananya Bhat

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Business Ideas

To promote their business workshops, the club decided to hold an activity on Thursday where students could share their own business ideas. A poster reading, “If I was an entrepreneur, I would” was taped to the wall and students were invited to write down their answers on bowtie shaped pieces of paper.







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Lollipop Lottery

The last day of Project Week focused on fundraising for the different partnerships and projects promoted throughout the week. At lunch, MVFBLA officers went around passing out balloons with lollipops inside. For every 20 balloons, there was one balloon that contained a lollipop with tape on the bottom. The students who received those marked balloons were eligible to get a free cup of the pearl milk tea the club would be selling as a fundraiser after school.  

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