El Estoque

Letter to the Editors

El Estoque Staff

This letter was sent as a response to this article.

I am a mom and a wife who has worked full time to live in the Silicon Valley.  

Charlene Lee, you have a good life provided by your affluent husband, VP of GPU Engineering of a major global corporation.

I prayed that God would protect my son…

– When you threatened his life and waited for him near his school and by our home

– When you held a 5-foot poster with his full name, grade and home address at his high school to portray him as an evil teenager

– When you sent letters to many admissions officers and asked them to deny his college applications

I prayed that God would protect my husband…

– When you tried to force him to persuade our friend to change his testimony under oath to benefit you more instead of telling the truth

– When you stalked him on his way to work and chased him on the highway

– When you rang our doorbell at 6:50 am, yelled at him by our front door, honked your horn at him several times and woke up our neighbors after he simply asked you to leave

– When you made numerous phone calls to him at work and texted him hundreds of messages within a 2 hour period

– When you sent hundreds of emails to all our friends to falsely twist his character

I prayed that God would protect my friend…

– When you sent hundreds of emails over the past 2 years to threaten him to change his testimony under oath for your action at an Asian political event in Milpitas

– When you graffitied his house, trespassed on his property, and shouted at him and his children

– When you sent abusive and explicit emails about his wife, sons, and daughter to all our friends

I prayed that God would protect the MVHS students and staff when you were arrested for your conduct at school.

In spite of all your death threats and unrelenting harassment, my family has continued to pray for you and your family. I implore you to consider how your frightening actions will negatively impact your two sons, especially the younger one who is also a senior at a local high school in Cupertino. I hope you find peace within yourself and pray for God’s healing for all of us!

Best wishes to you and your family,

Charles’ Mom