MVHS girls water polo wins game against Lynbrook High School 11-7


Maggie McCormick

As the buzzer goes off,  the MVHS girls varsity water polo team does their team cheer and jumps into the pool. The game goes by quickly, with constant back and forth between MVHS and Lynbrook HS, neither one backing down from the challenge. With more screams and cheers from the LHS crowd, MVHS felt the pressure to succeed, but didn’t back down and instead kept on scoring. The Matadors kept their composure, even when it seemed like nothing was going their way. With opposing calls by the referee adding more stress on the players and the coach, the Matadors lost control of the game. After half time, with the words of the coach still ringing in their heads, they quickly bounced back, shocking LHS and eventually defeating them.

The next girls water polo home game is Thursday, Oct. 5 at 3:30 pm.