MVHS’ first club food day of the year


ZaZu Lippert

The basketball courts were flooded with students and staff alike on Friday, Sept. 15 at the beginning of club food day. Clubs sold everything from apple pie to watermelon to fundraise their endeavors for the coming year. Here’s a look at the first club food day of the year.

Photos by Om Khandekar and ZaZu Lippert.

MVHS Ohana

Selling: Watermelon

“[Selling watermelon is] a tradition in Ohana, but we’ve come to like it because it’s the only healthy option.” —club vice president senior Kelly Morali (far left)

“[I called] Trader Joe’s two hours before we went, and I was like ‘Do you have mini watermelons still?’ and they were like ‘Oh let’s check,’ and then they were like ‘Yeah we have a couple.’ And I’m like ‘I was looking to buy in bulk. Like 36.’” —club president senior Prachi Gupta (far right)

ohana collage copy

MVHS Leo Club

Selling: Starbucks

“We thought it’d be pretty warm today, so we wanted something that’s cold to drink. People like coffee, I like coffee, so we decided to go with coffee.” —secretary junior Rahul Sawhney (pictured below, selling a coffee to French teacher Sarah Finck)

How would you describe the atmosphere here in one word?

“One word? Busy.”—secretary junior Rahul Sawhney 


MVHS Research Club

Selling: Apple pies

“The club commission said all the food we wanted was taken, so we were kind of resorting to any last-minute things, so it was really between Otter Pops, Apple pies and Popeye’s chicken. Anything that we could sell, basically.” —officer senior Pallavi Sripathi (far left)

How would you describe the atmosphere here in one word?

“I feel like it’s exciting!” —officer senior Pallavi Sripathi (far left)


Around the court 

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