On: North Korea

Songjun Na

My grandfather was born in a suburban city near Pyongyang in 1927. Back then, there was one nation, one Korea. My grandfather was extremely hard-working so in order receive more education, he moved to South Korea to attend a military school.

Then, the war broke out. Startled, my grandfather immediately joined the South Korean army since he was strongly against the new communistic ideals that were being implemented in his motherland. At the same time, the fact that he was fighting his homeland made him always unsettled. This unsettlement caused him to a couple of times to go against his military ideals to release his North Korean relatives and friends that have been captured in the war. Even after the war, they were still in touch, periodically thanking him for saving them. Now, this connection between the South and the North is nonexistent. We have drifted to too far apart. North Korea is now an authoritarian regime under Kim Jong-Un.