Pride for the young


Katerina Pappas

This is an in-depth look into the South Bay Youth Space Pride Festival, where teenagers, members and leaders of their schools’ GSA clubs came together through the San Jose LGBTQ Youth Space, and gathered their resources together in the hopes of creating their own form of joy and resistance. We will update this page over the next couple of days with different components of the event.

Pride is a celebration, a form of resistance, an environment where people can rejoice in the face of oppression and a long history of marginalization. Through Pride parades, the LGBTQ+ community has invented a large block party for themselves where drag queens, with intricately planned makeup and outfits, perform in front of their peers. Where lesbians make their way down streets swiftly, their motorcycles creating a whirlwind of dust, but never are the roars of the engineers heard over the blast of music or chants. Where gay dentists band together to form a group of queer pearly whites. Where queer-identifying people dance, laugh, maybe even shed a tear or two with their loved ones and friends.

Pride is revolutionary, and no one is better at revolutionizing than the youth.

South Bay Youth Pride 2017