Class of 2020: Myths of high school debunked


Ruth Feng

Oh, how time flies. There are only about three months left of school. As a school we’ve grown comfortable and have fully adapted to our routines and surroundings. As this school year wraps up, we take a look back at the freshmen and their transition into high school. Below are rumors that freshmen heard coming into MVHS and whether or not they turned out to be true.

Daniel Schie
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It’s a fun experience. I just heard that it was super unbelievably competitive but I haven’t really seen it.

Ashley Yeh
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[I’ve heard] that everyone was super smart and if you’re not super smart you’ll fail and die and become homeless. That’s true.

Ivanshi Ahuja
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I heard it was a very scary school and that you had to stay up until four o’clock every night but that’s not true so far. I usually go to sleep at 11, it’s not that bad.

Sarang Deshpande
We heard rumors that the tread test in the swim unit was really hard but honestly it wasn’t that hard.

Robie Ann Acot
What I’ve heard about Monta Vista is that it was super competitive, like everything’s competition, like sports and academics so everybody’s like a bit against each other.

Rhishita Mondal
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The rumor I heard was about frape and they were like, ‘Oh yeah, all the seniors just grab all the freshmen and grind with them so I think we should practice grinding’.

Co-reporting by Jackie Way