How Roots Christian club structures their small group discussions


Michelle Wong

On Monday, Mar. 6, Roots Christian club continued their discussion from last week on the book 1 John from the Bible, which is a book written by John the Evangelist about the relationship between love and God. According to junior officer Edwin Peng, the Bible is an essential part of a Christian’s life because it has a lot of life lessons to offer, like how to live a Christ centered life.

“As Christians it’s just your holy text, you know, it’s kind of like a textbook for life,” he said. Peng also said that small group discussions help people understand the text better and challenges members to learn more about their identity.

For this session, officers led the club through chapter three of the book as they discussed the passage as a group, which focuses on how God sacrificed His life for His people as the greatest act of love, according to senior co-president Tiffany Yu. Yu said current topic the club is focusing on is how to live life loving God and the people around them. But not everyone interprets the Bible in the same way.

“When you read the Bible or study the Bible, everyone always gets something different out of it,” Yu said. She thinks that she hopes small group discussions will help members have more confidence in their faith of God and understand the Bible better.

See below to learn how the club runs their Bible studies.