The Marquesas compete at the Northern California Dance Classic


Ilena Peng

Purple and gold balloons floated above the Marquesas as they ate breakfast in the gym lobby, getting ready for their long day ahead. On Feb. 11, the gym was filled with dancers toting jackets adorned with their schools’ names, ready to compete in the Northern California Dance Classic, the Marquesas’ third competition of the season.

The last of the five group dances didn’t wind down until past 5 p.m. Yet even after the long day, they all filed back to the gym bleachers to cheer for senior Cherie Kim and junior Kristin Li. Since Kim and Li were part of the top ten soloists, the two had to perform their solos for the second time that day. The long day ended on a happy note with the awards ceremony. Kim placed third for her solo and Li placed second. The Marquesas’ kick routine placed second and the rest of the routines all placed first. Their placements in all the routines qualified them for the championship divisions at nationals later in the year. After the successful day, the Marquesas are already back to work, getting ready for the next competition in their busy season.