Chinese club embraces their culture during their New Year


Avni Prasad

“Let’s play a game,” a Chinese club officer said eagerly as she looked to members in the room.

The projector listed greetings written in Chinese. Club members were asked to repeat the phrases after the officers. After reciting the five phrases, the officers posed a challenge:

“Now, we will come around and ask you to pronounce one of these [greetings],” junior Samantha Au said. “If you pronounce it right, then we will give you a [red envelope.]”

In Chinese culture, the older generation gives money tucked in a red envelope to the younger generation after they wish them Happy New Year. Chinese club slipped in chocolate coins in the red pockets for their members.  

On Friday, Feb. 3, Chinese club met to celebrate Chinese New Years, which was on Jan. 28. With the goal to spread the Chinese culture, officers gave a presentation on the activities, food, traditions, etc. of Chinese New Year. At the end of their presentation, club members eagerly waited as different Chinese cuisines and snacks were passed around. Hover over the Thinglink below to see how Chinese club celebrated this special holiday.

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