Novus editors for Res Novae

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Novus editors for Res Novae

Karen Ma

For Res Novae, MVHS’ Science and Technology Magazine, a key component to ensuring the publication of online articles every one and a half months and one end-of-the-year print newsletter is efficiency. As more students join the club every fall and throughout each year, there comes a need for more editors to provide them with experience and guidance in order to expedite the publication process. This year, juniors Srijani Saha and Bhavna Sud have taken on the role of assistant editors.

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I’m basically being exposed to the role of an editor without having the full responsibility of it,” Saha said. “It’s like a training semester really for me if I’m able to do it next year.”

However, the responsibilities of assistant editor still total around two hours every week, on top of the existing two to three hours as a writer.

“We go over [writers’]  interview questions… and we help them decide on what they want to write about,” Sud said. “Once they write their actual article drafts, then we go through and edit the drafts and what we do since we’re new is we both edit the articles so we can get different perspectives on them.”

While Sud focuses more on helping writers out with their introductions and conclusions to spur interest in the reader, Saha concentrates on the overall fluidity and comprehensibility of the article.

By each holding their own set of criteria when editing, they tend to collaborate with each other when editing stories.

In addition to helping out other writers, Sud aspires to eventually become a main editor for the publication. Both new assistant editors aim to foster their own leadership and develop more insight into the writing and research of science and technology.

“I want to be able to improve my own writing, in a sense, by looking at [and critiquing]  other people’s writing,” Saha said, “just get a better exposure to the journalism process.”