The investigation for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has come to an end


Karen Sanchez

On Mar. 7 2014, television screens displayed images of a white plane with red and blue lines on its side accompanied with the word ‘Malaysia’ across a variety of channels. Reporters faced cameras as they broke the news to the world and scurried behind screens to update their stories. The same story was shared in different languages and updated as new information was being uncovered, but all of them maintained the same shocking fact: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had disappeared from its place in the sky.

This flight, carrying 239 passengers, had taken off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia at 8:41 a.m. on Mar. 7 2014 and was expected to arrive at Beijing at 2:30 p.m. However, the flight never made it to the final destination.

According to BBC, less than an hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur grounds, Malaysia Airlines air traffic control had lost contact with the plane. Air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City never received the scheduled check-in expected from the plane.

The search for Flight 370 began immediately after the plane’s disappearance. Australian, Chinese and Malaysian authorities oversaw the investigation. According to the New York Times, search teams focused themselves on the South China Sea, just south of Vietnam’s Ca Mau peninsula as the plane’s initial route passed over Vietnam and Cambodia. But ass the search yielded nothing, the search location was not only broadened but changed multiple times.

From searching the sea west of Malaysia and expanding the area of potential investigation to nearly three million square miles, to scrutinizing the waters of the Indian Ocean southwest of Australia, the search went on.

At last, nearly 36 months after flight 370 vanished into what seems like thin air, after countless new leads and false hope, officials announced on Tuesday, Jan. 10 that the investigation for the plane has come to an end.

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