Photo club holds workshops on cameras and picture-taking

Rana Aghababazadeh

As many MV clubs move into full-swing, Photo club has also joined in by beginning to host workshops. During workshops, officers give tutorials on camera basics such as picture-taking techniques and camera settings. With an entirely different officer team from last year, the club saw many new faces from all grade levels. We asked members about their workshop experiences and how they plan to continue as a photographer.

After buying a camera over the summer, sophomore Afrah Ali decided that joining photo club would help her increase her knowledge of photography. During the first workshop, she learned about different aspects of the camera which she plans on using to grow her Instagram account.

Freshmen Dan Sachs hopes to learn how to take more structured photos and wants to explore different artistic techniques.

After drifting away from photography, sophomore Abhilasha Goel joined photo club as a way to tune back into taking pictures. She hopes to apply what she learns from the club’s workshops to appeal to a larger audience.

Sophomore Julia Ralston only considered photography when a friend convinced her to attend a meeting. After participating in the club’s events and contests last year, Ralston decided it was time to take photography to the next level and buy a camera. This year, she took up the officer position of secretary.